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Industrial Park Governance

Industrial Park Governance

The Vital Cog for Success

Governments often resort to the creation of industrial parks to catalyse the economy of a region or of the whole country. They invest tax-payer money into infrastructure projects with a view to attract investors into the park. If the park is thriving, these investors will in turn pay land rentals or dividends through their joint ventures with the park’s governing entity. They will also bring jobs to the region or the country, corporate tax income to the state or federal government and will enhance the park’s visibility with their own stature.

Economies of scale and synergies are driving the creation of large industrial parks. However, governments often struggle to establish an effective and empowered governing entity to administer and develop these parks. This article stresses the benefits of a governing entity, discusses the key questions faced by most governing entities, as well as governance models observed around the world and their characteristics. Finally, it establishes what criteria should be used to choose the best model and applies them to select it.

Released: July 2014

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