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The Growth Accelerator - Benefit

The Growth Accelerator - Benefit

Best in class companies implement targeted, impactful and replicable Growth Accelerator ini-tiatives to realize double digit growth in promising opportunity spaces

Implementing a targeted and impactful Growth Accelerator initiative typically yields an average return of 13 percentage points incremental CAGR (compound annual growth rate). While organizations concentrate on serving existing business to fulfill annual targets and shareholders' expectations, they often have limited or no strategies to address the tremendous potential outside their core business in the mid- and long-term.

Arthur D. Little can help you to identify and realize growth opportunities. Our Growth Accelerator is targeted, impactful and replicable: It is end-to-end, from ambition to realization and from Strategy and Marketing to R&D and Operations. The Growth Accelerator is about helping companies on their continuous growth journey.

Released: September 2012

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