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Over-the-Top Video "First to Scale Wins"

Over-the-Top Video  "First to Scale Wins"

Does this Mean the Return of National Heroes?

Over-the-top (OTT) video services focusing on professional long-form content, such as Hulu, Lovefilm and Netflix, saw tremendous growth in subscribers and revenues over the last few years. We are revisiting this topic again, less than 12 months after our last TV report, as the rapid pace of new business models being formed, radical partnerships being announced and the sheer endless stream of new players entering the market requires immediate action by all players concerned. While many industry analysts expect pure, global OTT players to dominate, Arthur D. Little is convinced that there is a window of opportunity for strong national players to establish dominant platforms in their market. We believe that large, US-based OTT players, like Netflix and Apple, face significant challenges to going global. Furthermore, success in the mid- to long-run will only be achieved through partnerships between players that unite content and large subscriber bases.

Released: July 2012

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