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Disruptive Threat or Innovative Opportunity?

Disruptive Threat or Innovative Opportunity?

Scenarios for Mobile Voice OTT

Many traditional Telcos are complacent that voice OTT is either a niche technology championed by cash strapped challengers unlikely to cause major upset or an opportunity of modest proportion hampered by poor monetization, inferior QoS and challenged business models. Pending choices both in terms of operator responses, regulatory action and monetization efforts among the OTT players themselves, OTT could remain as it has in the past - an innovative breeze only - or develop into a disruptive force. The mobile voice OTT development scenarios under which these options may result in are outlined in this viewpoint. Whichever the scenario, operators must adjust their strategies to a world of OTT presence.

In this Viewpoint, Arthur D. Little identifies the key trends in the OTT sector with a focus on mVoIP, its primary challenges and key success factors in order to assess three OTT development scenarios. Depending on the scenario, Arthur D. Little expects mobile voice OTT market size to range between $14-100 billion in 2016, accounting for between 2 - 20 percent of total voice revenues. Whichever the scenario, it is clear that operators must develop strategies to respond to a world with mobile voice OTT presence.

Released: November 2011

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