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Excellence through the Downturn

Excellence through the Downturn

Repositioning the Company in the Competitive Landscape

It goes without saying that the global economic downturn is severely impacting businesses in ways not seen since the period immediately post World War II. Fortunately this downturn follows a rather long period of great business prosperity so many businesses have reasonable cash reserves with which to weather the storm. With this reserve in place the conventional reaction of many business leaders to this situation is to “hunker down” and try to protect their position by cutting costs and stopping investments until they see an upturn in the economy.

More progressive companies however are seeing this environment as a period of tremendous opportunity to create value by strengthening their positions and emerging from the downturn in a new and competitively advantaged position. They are applying innovative thinking and approaches to reduce extraneous costs and re-investing a portion of the savings in a selected number of promising initiatives with a high-likelihood of future returns.

Released: June 2009

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