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Global M-Payment Report Update – 2009

Global M-Payment Report Update – 2009

M-payments surging ahead: distinct opportunities in developed and emerging markets

In the last five years, markets with mobile payment offers have matured with a variety of players entering the industry value chain and new services being launched. Initially, there was a race to enter the market and a strong rivalry between different technological propositions that would facilitate mobile transaction channels. Today, we observe that, in many national markets, only one or two dominant mobile payment platforms have prevailed, and key issues now being addressed include cross border interoperability and standardisation.


Despite the financial crisis, Arthur D. Little expects m-payments to grow globally at 68% p.a. and to reach a transaction volume of almost USD 250 billion by 2012, while there will be distinct growth opportunities in developed and emerging markets. Arthur D. Little’s new global m-payment report provides insights into the current stages of the m-payment market development in different countries and regions, and draws conclusions for relevant value chain players.

If you are interested in the full report, please contact Dr. Karim Taga or Gregory Oswald

Released: April 2009

Download File ADL_Global_M_Payment_Report_Update_2009_Executive_Summary.pdf (.PDF, 2.5 MB)

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