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Opportunities and Challenges in Consumer Electronics & H

India has been trailing behind ASEAN countries in terms of production, quality and export of consumer appliances.


Managing Capital Projects Successfully

An Executive Concern

Recent instances of substantially over-budget and behind-schedule energy projects have demonstrated that even the most sophisticated energy companies are not able to “get it right” every time.

Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy Operations management

Leading for Safety

Developing culture to break through the safety performance plateau

Businesses everywhere are seeing their safety performance plateauing. Busy agendas and behavioral drivers frequently mean that energies for further safety improvement initiatives are diverted elsewhere.


U-Channel Retail – Update Fall 2013

Transformation of the retail function toward a new model that is Ubiquitous, Universal and Unique

While retail has always been at the heart of everyday life, it has never stopped evolving and has never been changing as rapidly as it is today. Although many retailers are still transitioning to online retail, with varying degrees of success, the new wave of change in retailing is already upon...

Consumer goods & retail

Maximizing Quality of Experience

A Company-Wide Customer Experience Management Approach

The deployment of 4G networks gives consumers access to higher mobile Internet speed, as well as new services and applications. Customers are increasingly turning to interactive services and applications, and are highly aware of service experience.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Networked Procurement

Networking as future strategy delivers measurable higher and sustainable value for your company

Due to the increase in economic tension companies have optimized the organization, processes and systems in procurement over the last years and achieved related savings. Nevertheless companies are realizing that they have not yet reached the full value-added potential in procurement.

Operations management

No Stone Unturned?

Purchasing alliances between portfolio companies in private equity context

The recession means that Private Equity Associations must face the challenge of supporting their investments. For many, a ruthless reconstruction of redundancies is necessary, which regularly leads to friction.

Operations management

Regaining control

How to break free from the complexity trap

Complexity poses one of the biggest challenges that operations managers face today. Rapid advances in technology make it possible for businesses to increase product variants and service offerings to meet customer demands.

Operations management

National energy security - coal and beyond – An India case

India's struggle for Energy Security

For sustainable economic growth and development, energy security of a nation is of utmost importance.  We are witnessing countries across the globe striving to be energy secure.  At the same time, India has been struggling to become an 'Energy Secure' nation. 

Utilities & alternative energy

Project Risk Management – An Executive Concern

Actively Manage Risk to Deliver Capital Projects on Time and to Budget!

The main objective of this paper is to highlight how important it is for companies to proactively manage risk in the delivery of their capital projects to ensure that capital projects are completed on time and to budget.

Utilities & alternative energy